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Federal Fluid Power is the leading distributor of Power Units from such manufacturers as Delta Power, KTI Hydraulics, Federal Fluid Power, BVA...and more.

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Federal Fluid Power is a full service hydraulic component distributor offering application engineering services and design assistance. With more than 35 product lines represented by over 30 different manufacturers, Federal Fluid Power has components in stock to get you up and running and keep you moving.

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Delta Power
Delta Power Unit
Delta Power Unit
Delta Power Units offer an economical hydraulic power supply. Models are one of the most compact, utilized power packages available today.
  • .25 to 11 gpm flows available
  • 1/2 to 1.5 horse power available in single phase
  • 1/2 to 3 horse power available in three phase
  • Available with 1, 1 1/2, 21/2, 5 and 10 gallon tanks includes a custom heat dissipating tanks
  • Externally adjustable relief valve - 3000psi max int depending on unit
  • Units can be mounted horizontally (foot down) or vertically (tank down)
  • Low noise: motors run at the highly desirable speed of 1725 RPM rather than the 3450 version normally used on competitor's units
  • Modular valve circuits can be added (lift/check/dump, 4W3P directional valve, etc)
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KTI Hydraulics Power Units
KTI Hydraulics Power Units
The KTI Power Unit program has inherent features provided by one fully machined universal manifold that weighs less than 2 pounds! This integrated manifold offers the flexibility of 5 basic hydraulic circuits, 20 optional pump displacements, 11 different reservoir options, and 6 different AC and DC motor faces. Convenient hand held pendents and wireless remote controls can be offered for added controllability.
  • Car Lift Power packs
  • Single acting cylinder units (Lift, Hold, and Dump)
  • Snow plow power packs (1 single acting and 1 double acting cylinder)
  • Continuous duty DC motor hydraulic units
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Federal Fluid Power
Custom Power
Federal Fluid Power Custom Power Units
When off the shelf units don't meet your requirements look to FFP for your custom power units. Let our engineers, professionally trained and recognized with Fluid Power Society certification, design and build a hydraulic power supply in support of the following:
  • Total circuit design responsibility
  • Applications assistance in conjunction with customers' engineers
  • Controls and / or system upgrades and retrofits
  • Simultaneous engineering and rapid prototyping
  • Timely quoting
  • Introduction of new products or technologies
  • Proper product sizing and selection
  • Development of specifications and standards
  • Find cost saving ideas that don't compromise reliability
  • Innovative systems packaging
  • Design consideration focused on reducing circuit vulnerabilities
    ...noise, vibration, leaks, shock, heat and wasted energy
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BVA Gas Engine Power Unit
BVA Gas Engine Power Unit
  • Gas pump will provide 10,000 psi hydraulic force at remote locations
  • Industrial grade 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Intek series gas engine
  • Manual control valve for use with single or double acting cylinders or tools
  • Two speed pump designed for rapid cylinder advance
  • Gas pump features a sturdy protective roll cage for use in the toughest environments
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