Piston Motors

Sam Hydraulik

SAM Bent Piston Motor

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SAM Hydraulik Bent Axis Piston MotorsSAM Hydraulik offers bent axis, axial piston hydraulic motors with fixed or variable displacements for open and closed circuits. Motors are available in metric and SAE mounting configuration. A range of flangeable accessory valves is also available.

  • Displacement:
    from 6.06 to 225.1 cm3/rev
    [from 0.37 to 13.73 in3/rev]
  • Flow range:
    from 61 to 563 l/min
    [from 16.1 to 148 U.S. gpm]
  • Output speed:
    up to 5590 rpm (Max)
  • Pressure range:
    from 350 to 450 bar (Max)
    [from 5075 to 6525 psi (Max)]
  • Max torque:
    1613 Nm [1189 lbf * ft]

SAM Bent Piston Motor

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Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Piston Motor

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Poclain (Comer Industries) Axial Piston MotorsComplete range of fixed and variable displacement axial pistons motors, with swashplate design, suitable in open and closed loops. Compact, robust and high-performance motors, durable and easy to maintain...

  • Displacements from 172 to 15,000 cm (10 cubic in - 915 cubic in)
  • Up to 450 bar pressure (6500psi)
  • Up to 390 RPM
  • Single or multiple displacement with integral shift
  • With or without brake (static and dynamic)
  • Different mounting options (ie. steerable/fixed)
  • Wheel hub or shaft output options
  • Innovative On highway solutions (ie. CDM replaces Cotta Creep Drive, axle replacement with AddiDrive for 55mph+ freewheel and <25mph hydraulic drive)
  • Pressures to 5075 psi (350 bar)
  • Displacements from 0.42cid to 3.96cid (7cc to 65cc) per revolution
  • Output Speeds to 4000rpm
  • Forklift hydro axles and more!

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Piston Motors

Piston Motors

  • Pressures to 8000 psi (560 bar)
  • Ideal for applications subject to pressure spikes, vibration, constant starting/stopping, and sudden direction reversals.
  • Compact motors produce torque to 4775 lb•in at 5000 psi (540 N•m at 350 bar)

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Dynex Vane Motor

Replacement for Vickers MHT MotorsDynex low speed, high torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors are interchangeable with Vickers MHT motors, which are no longer in production.Dynex has been producing HSM Series motors for over 30 years as an alternative to Vickers. THe earliest application of these vane motors for plastic injection molding machines in the early 1970's.You can order HSM motors to replace MHT70, MHT90, MHT130, MHT150, MHT190, MHT220, MHT250, MHT380, MHT440, MHT500. Dynex LSHT hydraulic vane motors are a physical and functional replacement

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